With Neymar Set For PSG Exit, if Premier League, Chelsea, Liverpool or Man City?

Over summer, there was much talk about Neymar leaving PSG. At the time, Neymar was reportedly looking to go back to Barcellona. As we know, this didn’t happen. Now we know that Neymar is not only interested in going to Barcelona but is equally interested in playing in the Premier League. And because of this, a number of clubs are tracking him. Chelsea, Liverpool, and Mancity are reportedly following up on Neymar’s development at PSG and are further interested in signing him on. So, who is likely to bring him on?

Let’s begin by establishing that it is nearly impossible for any of this club to bring Neymar on either January or over the summer. But since crazier things have happened will look at which club is most likely to snub him if he decides to come to the Premier League.

Currently, it is believed that PSG is willing to let go of Neymar next summer for £150m. Now guess who has almost that exact amount to spend in the upcoming transfer window? Yes, Chelsea! It was revealed that Frank Lampard has been given around £150m in the next transfer window following the ban lifting. And wait, he is looking for forward options. It also helps that the team has recently revitalized its players following Hazard’s exit. Lampard has brought in energetic young players who have proven that they can move the team forward.

Neymar could be the answer to Chelsea going forward. He would bring experience, Character, Leadership and most important the skill and creativity needed in a forward player. Chelsea is nearly definitely the first team that Neymar would join in the premier league.

Man City Are Second

Man City also makes a very compelling case. Although all their front men are doing great, any of them could step down to give Neymar their position. But why cough out more than £150m to fix something that is not broken. Though Man City can cough out the money, easily, they are unlikely to do it for a forward. Their main problem lies in the back. In the coming transfer windows, they will be more interested in fixing the backline problems.

Liverpool comes last with their prospects nearly zero. They lack the money and the need to bring in a forward. Already, their frontline is doing great. Mane, Firmino, and Salah have been a revelation to watch and there’s nothing to fix there. On top of all, the club is unlikely to pay £150m for a single player.

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