Why Man United Must Sign A New Midfielder And Have A Serious Discussion About Paul Pogba

Man U has shown it can ride with the big boys by beating Chelsea, Man City and drawing with Liverpool. The draw with Arsenal was also not a bad result all things considered. But why is the team sitting at number 6 and 24 points behind the Premier League leaders, Liverpool? Well, it has an awful run wit the mid-table teams. The latest game saw Man U draw with Everton and lose 2 points. And the problem could be pretty simple, a lack of creativity in the midfield.

A lack of game time by Pogba due to injury has left Man United with little to work with, in creativity at the center of the pitch. But even before this, there needs to be a serious discussion about his commitment to the team. If he is to stay, he needs to play with a little more vigor and if he wants to leave, the team needs to let him go. Only then can they move forward and rebuild by buying another player to bring in the same amount of skill and commitment.

Paul Pogba To Be Replaced Or Partnered With World-Class Player

Currently, with Fred, McTomnay, and James leading the centerline, there is not much creativity for the forward men to work with. Man U has to go out in January and improve on this and settle the Paul Pogba issue once and for all.

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