Waiting and More Waiting: Updates for the 2019/2020 EPL Completion

The thirst for football is transcending, something that only a true fan would understand. Football and specifically English football is the most-watched game with millions of fans worldwide. Since the pandemic happened, both the major and minor leagues had to be suspended indefinitely. For EPL fans and lovers of football, the few weeks the games have not been played feels like forever but there is some light and hopes to cheers again for the favorite teams

EPL, the largest and most supported league across Europe was suspended for two weeks at first. However, after further review officials had to further postpone the matched and set up a review by the end of April.

Next Epl fixtures

Fortunately, decision making did not take that long and now all the remaining 10 games, at the list for most teams, will be played at the list from June 1. The games will have to run for 6 weeks consecutively but for now, only players and the necessary club officials will be present in the stadiums. In a conference meeting, FA said its has extended the date indefinitely to allow for the remaining matches.

Just like the last games in the Serie a before the suspension, funs will have to catch the live action from home. Of Couse, it could be anywhere with connectivity and away from the stadium, but Covid19 is calling for lockdown. Which means, bars and clubs where most would prefer watching the game with other fans, means a crowd of people, which equals to risk. 

The suspension was a result of the outbreak of CoronaVirus earlier this year. Odoi, Chelsea’s midfielder was the first to get infected and then Arteta, the manager for Arsenal FC.

To most people, this was some good news after a period of darkness. Although July seems like forever for some funs there is something to look forward to. For Liverpool and their fans, the indefinite suspensions feel like waiting for another 30years to get the trophy. This is considering the only need to win 3 matches to become the champions which should have happened by now.

As for Uefa champions and Europa leagues, it’s still unclear to when they might resume

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