There has been so much controversy in the decision making of VAR in the premier league. Most sentiments being that the video assistant referee(VAR) has been sucking the fun out of the football. According to research done recently by Skyport majority of the fans prefer not to have VAR any more.

Players say they are now not able to celebrate scoring like they used to which ruins all the fun.

VAR’s introduction to the premier league was at the beginning of this season. Its purpose was the referee’s decisions making to be more accurate and fair to both teams. Some fans and managers believe this has not been the case.

Pep Guardiola, for instance, claims that the decision making of the has been unfair and has been favoring teams such us Liverpool. In a game played by the two teams, after the game pep claims they were denied two clear penalties. One particularly from Arnold’s handball in the penalty box.

According to the research done by Skyport, only one in every 25 people believes that the introduction of the VAR was the right decision. The research involved 1419 people from England who were selected randomly.

What did the pundits have to say?

Skysports’ pundits also did have a say in all this. Out of the ten pundits asked, nine of them believe that VAR should stop being used entirely. Only Stephen Warnock thinks otherwise. In an instance where time limit was added to the rules and everyone to see the video footage the referee sees, the majority of them believe they would support it.


Incidences such as Alex Arnold’s handball is not still clear to fans. Ruling for a foul from handball according to the VAR was

  • If the player intended to torch the ball and did not do their best in avoiding it.
  • If the ball gets off another part of the player’s body and hits the hand unwillingly is considered not to be foul

The measuring of where the arm starts are the stripes on the player’s shirt.

Moreover, the VAR can revoke the referee decision as well. If a player is shown a red card, the video assistant referee has to confirm if the decision is right. Also, if the referee did not notice a dangerous foul on a player the VAR could advise the onfield referee to give a red card.

The big question that still remains is, is there a way the fans are going to adopt the new changes to enjoy football like they used to before it came along? Also, are the rules going to change or at list become clearer? They are questions only time can answer.