The Arsenal’s number 10 midfielder has had a couple of rough seasons lately. There has been so much expectation from the fans especially now that the team is not performing as well as it used to. Recently Ozil has been receiving death threats and hash abuse on him and his family.

The recent physical attack on him happened towards the end of last season while with his teammate Kolasinac. A few weeks after that attack, his security team claims to have received threats on Ozil’s life and abuse his mother. Though the two had to miss out on a few matches, there was no physical harm on either of them.

Salaman Ekinci and Ferhat Ercun were arraigned in court on Tuesday prior to that august 8 last yeat threat on the midfielders. Ozil, who earns a good chunk of $350,000 a week was not present in the courthouse for the hearing.

Assisted by an interpreter, Kemil Sezer; one of the security guards, told the court:

“They swore in Turkish, saying f* your mothers, we’re going to f** Mesut’s mother and we’re going to come back in five minutes and if security don’t go from here, we’re going to kill Mesut Ozil and kill you”. 


Both the accused denied the charges against threatening the 31-year-old midfielder. The 27-year-olds, Salaman, and Ferhat are residents of Tottenham north London. The security guards detained the two after returning for a third time before calling the police and had them arrested.

Possible cause of the threats and attacks on Ozil

Mesut Ozil has not had the best time in his career in the last few seasons. Arguably know to be the king of assist, the last two or three seasons have not proven him to be the ‘king’.

For instance, 2018-2019 seasons he only had 3 assists in all completions for Arsenal. This has made the Fans angry and calling for his replacement in the arsenals squad.

Future in Arsenal

The underperformance of the number 10 has brought in some resentments from the fans. Considering the two men who were charged with his attack were from north London, Arsenal’s home town, it could explain a lot.

Ozil has won the world cup for his country in 2014. Even so, he has not won any premier league title with Arsenal. But he has been been in the team that has won titles such as FA Cup Under Arsene Wenger.

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