Man City Hits Arsenal With 3 Goals But There was Much More To The Scoreline

Man City was in action against Arsenal. A classic tale of the teacher meets the student. Guardiola versus his former assistant Arteta. As Man City met with Arsenal for the 7th Consecutive time, the writing was on the wall. In the last couple of years, Man City has asserted its dominance in the world of football while Arsenal continues to lag behind.

The game was played under new rules and there were new formalities. Two stuck though, it was a win for Man City and another game filled with costly defensive mistakes from Arsenal.

Through the first half, Man City could have easily made away with four goals but due to Leno’s brilliance, he managed to stop a straight ball heading behind the net. But right before the half time whistle a missed clearance and obvious mistake from David Luiz saw Sterling turn the first goal in.

In the second half, David Luiz was in the first few minutes at it again. A foul on Mahrez inside the box saw the referee award a penalty and Luiz sent off. So, that’s another three weeks for Chelsea’s former defender, before getting back on the pitch.

The penalty was turned in by Kevin De Bruyne to double the lead. More importantly, this put Man City in the driver’s seat, they had a solid lead and an extra player on the field. It could only get better right?

Right! Despite a mishappen which saw Ederson take out his own defender in the 85th minute, Man City was pretty much cruising. Garcia was taken out on a stretcher, the injury is suspected to be serious but no further reports have been availed.

Arsenal’s Toothless Attack

On the 93rd minute, Foden, a second-half sub, turned another one to make it three. Completely closing off Arsenal and sealing the win.

Throughout the game, before and even more after Luiz’s sending off, Man City commanded the midfield. This left Arsenal’s attack, Aubameyang and Nketiah toothless and barely touching the ball. In fact, the only contribution Nketiah made in his minutes on the field was to keep the linesman in check as he kept raising the flag for offside.

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