Has Arsenal Improved or Manchester United have Worsted?

It’s a question that has crossed so many minds with everyone coming to their own conclusion. The two teams have recently been having one of all times bad seasons since their most respected and successful managers’ era came to an end. Back were the days when a Manchester United vs Arsenal game was a must-watch, eager to see who would win.

Sir Alex Ferguson

With Manchester United’s legend Alex Ferguson gone, the team has had a rough time. They have been bringing in new managers every few seasons never even came close to archiving what Ferguson ever did. Even after bringing in big-names like Jose Mourinho, and investing so much on getting world-class player, nothing seemed to glow in that darkness. The fans already want the current manager Ole Gunnar Salskjaer out who has not even had a full season yet.

In over two and a half decades, Sir Ferguson has been man u’s manager, has won more tittle for Manchester and in the premier league than any other manager. This is something that makes many of the Man U fans and non-fans recognize him as the best manager of all time.

Arsene Wenger

On the other hand, Arsene Wenger, who managed the Arsenal football club for over 2 decades did not leave arsenal at a good place. After resigning as arsenal’s man in charge, his successors seemed to take arsenal somewhere for some time. This was until things started going downstream from that point. Before losing his job Emery Unai managed to bring Arsenal closer to relegation point than the top position.

Wenger is known for admirable beautiful football and winning a title for the Arsenal that no other manager achieved. In the 2003-2004 season that arsenal went unbeaten for the whole season in the league. Just like Ferguson he has won more titles for arsenal than any other manager. Some Arsenal fans claim he is better than Ferguson with so many technicalities being involved.

After Wenger’s successor was sucked, former gunner player; Mikel Arteta, assumed the title and has played Arsenal to tasted a loss a draw and a win in all 3 matches he has been in charge.


The New Year’s Day match that ended 2-0 in the favor of arsenal was the first match for both teams in 2020. There has not been a conclusive verdict for Arteta since he recently became I charge. Contrary to Arteta’s case, ole has been in charge of the red devils for over a year. First as the caretaker to then becoming officially the manager. Since then he has been having a very bumpy road and very confusing results.

Until the game with arsenal, Ole had not lost to any of the last seasons’ top-six team this season including Liverpool which remains unbeaten and at the top of the premier league table. He drew with arsenal 1-1 at home earlier this season at home, which definitely proves he is capable.

Where are Arteta and Ole headed

Arsenal seems stronger, more dangerous and more determined to win since Arteta took charge. This is something that makes arsenal fans have faith in him and support him. Individual players have shown what many would term as their full potential skills.

Ole, on the other hand, seems to be taking two steps forward and one step backward. But the bigger issue is, who would take over manchester united if ole steps down.

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