The Battle to Champions League; Liverpool Leads the Way

Tables have turned and the word sure only Liverpool has a clue what it means. The race is tight and the traditional way of football is gone. The play, positioning, formation, referring, management and so much more have changed a lot.

VAR, a major game-changer, was introduced at the beginning of the season. However, it has not been received as expected and instead there is so much criticism.

The top six for some time had five if not all six of these teams: Arsenal, Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, Man U, Man City, and spurs. it looks hopeless for arsenal at the moment.

The Defending Champions

The defending champions, man city, have become weaker. Losing two matches in a raw would barely stake anything but now they have lost and drawn more times than the previous two seasons and yet the season is not over.

The possible champions

For Liverpool, all they see is a clear opportunity to quench their 30 years without a trophy. Songs and rejoicing words are all you hear specifically to their anthem phrase ‘you will never walk alone’.

Up until last night, Liverpool has drawn once but suddenly the unbeaten run was broken. Watford spirit to fight relegation thrashed Liverpool 3 goals to none. In fact, they only need to win the next 4 games to confirm they are the champions.

Leicester stand

Leicester is surprising now and then and where you don’t expect them to lose they lose and vice vasa. They are in the third position with 10 matches to go, short of one game and 9 points into champions league qualifiers safety.  

The Gunners’ Shame

Arsenal seems hopeless to get in the sixth position. Currently, Arsenal is in the 10th position, eight points behind the Chelsea at the fourth position with a game in hand.

Out of the ten remaining games, six teams fighting for the 3 points with arsenal are higher in the table ranking. This can either work against the team or to the advantage.

Beating these teams would mean grabbing all the points and bridging the huge gap. However, among the team are man City and Liverpool who look stronger in every way than Arsenal.


Chelsea is in the 4th position but hanging by a thread. Last night, Lampard barely grabbed a point after a surprising game with Bournemouth that ended 1-1. With a game disadvantage from the 5th position, Chelsea is only 4 points from the Europa League qualifiers.

Where are Man u and spurs?

Man u and spurs seem to have a chance but not yet convincing. The two are currently in the 5th and 6th positions sequent ly, 4 and 5 points behind Chelsea.

Getting to the top four for either of them would require Chelsea to slip up more and consistently winning the remaining matches.  

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