Arteta Covid-19 Long term Effect on Arsenal

It has been a struggle for arsenal for a long time now up until Mikel became in charge. Arteta, who many named as the savior for the team has had the fans worried after testing positive to the Covid-19. He took over the team when every player except for maybe one was playing terribly. Right now, even players like Mustafi is having better stats than the ‘best defender in the league’ Virgil van Dijk.

Although the chances of surviving Covid-19 are still there, nobody really knows how things will turn out leaving many to wonder who the replacement to match his standards will be.

Before Mikel Arteta was made the boss for the Arsenal team early this season, there was so much debate on who the best coach to take over after Unai would be. At the top fright was Ancherotti alongside Artena looking to get the job but for some reason, Arteta got the job. Ancelotti went on to join Everton at around the same time as Arteta.

How Arteta got the job

Arsenal being arsenal could not ‘afford’ to pay Ancelotti and decided to go with the less profiled man Arteta. There were other high prolific couched linked to arsenal who since then has not taken any jobs known to the public.

Mourinho and the former Barcelona coach were also linked to Arsenal but spurs made the move faster to get Mourinho. As things stand, Luis Enrique. This is if for any reason Arteta can’t get back to coaching in the near future.

Arsenal’s Fate

According to recent reports, Arteta’s wife had released a report saying that ‘Arteta Covid-19’ is not that bad. This put him on the 97% side of surviving patients,  giving him a mathematical chance to survive.

At the ninth position, Arsenal barely has a chance for the champions league next season. Europa League was the chance for Arteta to get to the champions league until they at quarterfinals to Olympiakos. This was during a return leg after beating them 1-0 away.

Although it’s not clear how, Arsenal might get lucky and qualify for the champions next season. That is if the current league season is canceled due to the CoronaVirus threat.

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