Arsenal v Watford

All is well now… This has been the o most arsenal fans since Arteta became the manager. To them, he seems to be improving the team but the over roll results may suggest differently. Today he has the chance to prove he still deserves the job when he plays up against the relegation team, Watford.


NOTE: The link to the game is available one hour before the game starts. If the link is still not available disable adblocker and Refresh this page. alternatively, you can visit the home page and select the Livestream category from there.




Since he became the manager he has had a very bumpy journey… Sometimes beating teams nobody expects him to such as the recent against man city and Liverpool in the same week only to lose to a time fighting for relegation, later on, Aston Villa FC. Without a win, tonight Arteta will remain at 10th position, correct me if am wrong but it would be the worsed finish for arsenal every.

When he took over from unai, a personal the team had high hopes for only to disappoint, the gunners were in 8th position. He could retain that position tonight if he beats Watford who recently fired the manager third time this season. Of course, they would he to hope spurs and Sheffield will lose to make it to eighth.


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