Are Maddison And Chilwell Headed Out Of Leceister?

Leceister football team has shown its’ mighty since the arrival of Brendan Rodgers. Currently, it sits second in the Premier League table and well on track on getting a spot at Champions League football. It is once again surprising the world with stunning performances week after week as it did back in 2016 when it won the Premier League title. And, again it is now eating all odds to be one of the best teams in England ahead of favorites like Tottenham, Arsenal and Man United.

But the team could now be in trouble with the transfer window. A number of Leceister players have made headlines with their skills and grit, and the big boys have noticed. Specifically, James Madison and Ben Chilwell.

These players; attacking midfielder and left-back respectively have been scouted by two of the biggest boys in English Football. Man United is reportedly interested in Madison while Chelsea is looking to sign Chilwell.

Are They Good Signings?

The two players have proved beyond doubt what they bring to any team. Maddison, for example, is one of the top chances creators in Europe. Chilwell’s defensive ability and skills when going forward makes him easily the best left-back in Englan right now. The question is, how much do the red devils and blues need these players.


There is no doubt that the two teams really need these players. Starting with Man U, the team is having creative problems in the midfield. Although the team brought in one of the most expensive players in football, his commitment to the team remains questionable.

Paul Pogba is better than Madison, hand down, only when fully committed. Manchester United has to make him commit or let him go. If he leaves, Maddison could be the best player to bring in. It could also not be the worst thing to bring him even if Pogba does not leave, they could do with another skilled player in their Midfield with Matic, Fred, and McTomny proving inadequate in many top games.

For Chelsea, they have two left-backs in Marcos Alonso and Emerson. But they need Chilwell more than ever. Alonso is reportedly on his way out, linked with a move to Atletico Madrid. Emerson who was set to take this position has proven inadequate and has gone to fall out of favor with Lampard. In a recent game with Arsenal, Emerson was substituted in the 30th minute after making horrific mistakes on the pitch. Chilwell is much better and with Lampard’s vision to dominate every game, Chilwell suits the position and a place in the blues.

Predictably, when Rodgers is asked if he is ready to let go of either of the players, his answer is no. And Leceister is really striving to be a big boy in English football. But we know this is business, Leceister is unlikely to reject big bucks for these players. If the right offer comes, these players will head out.

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