Arsenal Future Looks Brighter: Next Season Insights

In the past 2 years or more seasons, Arsenal has been struggling with getting the final good result. This has consistently worsened especially with the Unai’s rain. The problem has been at the back, something Arteta seems to be improving but not yet successful.

Arsenal, who many believe should be a top-flight contender, is currently in the 10th position, an all-time worst start of the season. Despite this, there is so much quality in the front that even in such a bad form, Arsenal’s Stricker Aubameyang managed to win a golden boot last season.

Currently, of all the top ten teams, only Everton has allowed in more goals than arsenal. The team has a goal difference of -2 at this point.

Is Arteta the messiah?

Mikel Arteta who is a former arsenal player seems to be improving the team though in a very slow manner. Compared to his predecessor emery unai, he seems to communicate better with the team

The intensity in the matches has improved. Players can now hold the ball better and complete better passing. Even when the ball is lost players can recover the ball more quickly than before.

says one of the arsenal funs

Ozil, the most paid player on the team squad is getting more time on the pitch. In a recent interview, Ozil claimed that he is able to communicate better with Mikel than he did with Unai. This has made him a dangerous weapon for the gunner

Arsenal’s defense improvement strategies.

Almost everyone from Wenger’s time in the arsenal defense plays no more. Bellerin who arsenals right-back is the only one hanging on to arsenal. However, the new signings could be a great impact on the improvement of the team’s defense.

loanee Konstantinos Mavropanos, Arsenal center-back on loan in Germany,  joined Arsenal for £1.9. He barely got game time with the squad but managed to be the player of the match in the last 2 games. In those two games he played for FC Nurnberg, the team has not conceded a goal. He is on loan until the end of the season.

Additionally, Arsenal did sign in another center-back last year, William Saliba, who is expected to join the squad at the end of the season.

With these two players plus a couple of more who are already in the squad, arsenal might be able to reclaim the throne to a champions team capable of winning any title.


The Arsenal’s number 10 midfielder has had a couple of rough seasons lately. There has been so much expectation from the fans especially now that the team is not performing as well as it used to. Recently Ozil has been receiving death threats and hash abuse on him and his family.

The recent physical attack on him happened towards the end of last season while with his teammate Kolasinac. A few weeks after that attack, his security team claims to have received threats on Ozil’s life and abuse his mother. Though the two had to miss out on a few matches, there was no physical harm on either of them.

Salaman Ekinci and Ferhat Ercun were arraigned in court on Tuesday prior to that august 8 last yeat threat on the midfielders. Ozil, who earns a good chunk of $350,000 a week was not present in the courthouse for the hearing.

Assisted by an interpreter, Kemil Sezer; one of the security guards, told the court:

“They swore in Turkish, saying f* your mothers, we’re going to f** Mesut’s mother and we’re going to come back in five minutes and if security don’t go from here, we’re going to kill Mesut Ozil and kill you”. 


Both the accused denied the charges against threatening the 31-year-old midfielder. The 27-year-olds, Salaman, and Ferhat are residents of Tottenham north London. The security guards detained the two after returning for a third time before calling the police and had them arrested.

Possible cause of the threats and attacks on Ozil

Mesut Ozil has not had the best time in his career in the last few seasons. Arguably know to be the king of assist, the last two or three seasons have not proven him to be the ‘king’.

For instance, 2018-2019 seasons he only had 3 assists in all completions for Arsenal. This has made the Fans angry and calling for his replacement in the arsenals squad.

Future in Arsenal

The underperformance of the number 10 has brought in some resentments from the fans. Considering the two men who were charged with his attack were from north London, Arsenal’s home town, it could explain a lot.

Ozil has won the world cup for his country in 2014. Even so, he has not won any premier league title with Arsenal. But he has been been in the team that has won titles such as FA Cup Under Arsene Wenger.


There has been so much controversy in the decision making of VAR in the premier league. Most sentiments being that the video assistant referee(VAR) has been sucking the fun out of the football. According to research done recently by Skyport majority of the fans prefer not to have VAR any more.

Players say they are now not able to celebrate scoring like they used to which ruins all the fun.

VAR’s introduction to the premier league was at the beginning of this season. Its purpose was the referee’s decisions making to be more accurate and fair to both teams. Some fans and managers believe this has not been the case.

Pep Guardiola, for instance, claims that the decision making of the has been unfair and has been favoring teams such us Liverpool. In a game played by the two teams, after the game pep claims they were denied two clear penalties. One particularly from Arnold’s handball in the penalty box.

According to the research done by Skyport, only one in every 25 people believes that the introduction of the VAR was the right decision. The research involved 1419 people from England who were selected randomly.

What did the pundits have to say?

Skysports’ pundits also did have a say in all this. Out of the ten pundits asked, nine of them believe that VAR should stop being used entirely. Only Stephen Warnock thinks otherwise. In an instance where time limit was added to the rules and everyone to see the video footage the referee sees, the majority of them believe they would support it.


Incidences such as Alex Arnold’s handball is not still clear to fans. Ruling for a foul from handball according to the VAR was

  • If the player intended to torch the ball and did not do their best in avoiding it.
  • If the ball gets off another part of the player’s body and hits the hand unwillingly is considered not to be foul

The measuring of where the arm starts are the stripes on the player’s shirt.

Moreover, the VAR can revoke the referee decision as well. If a player is shown a red card, the video assistant referee has to confirm if the decision is right. Also, if the referee did not notice a dangerous foul on a player the VAR could advise the onfield referee to give a red card.

The big question that still remains is, is there a way the fans are going to adopt the new changes to enjoy football like they used to before it came along? Also, are the rules going to change or at list become clearer? They are questions only time can answer.

Average Chelsea Goalkeeper Means Problem Where There Shouldn’t

Over a year ago Chelsea spent 80m to bring in Kepa Arrizabalaga. This meant, still means, Kepa is the most expensive goalkeeper in the world. However, the statistics do not prove it. In the last 60 appliances playing for Chelsea, he has had 16 clean sheets.

Much like his Spanish counterpart and man u goalkeeper, David de Gea, the last few months have been dreadful. Granted, the two have not had the best defense of any club.

Kepa’s Troubles

For Kepa, in particular, this came with the exit of the most experienced center-back. At Chelsea, David Ruiz was arguably one of the best center backs in the league, something arsenal has never had a taste of since joining them.

  • This season Kepa has had to work with one of the youngest defense in the league. This has been made up of Zouma who has not with the club for the last two seasons
  • Tomori who has never played for Chelsea but was on a loan in Derby County under Frank Lampard.
  • Most recently Rudiger has joined the pack but his quality remains at par with Ruiz

Despite these shortcomings, Chelsea has looked up to Kepa to become a leader and 80m rated goalkeeper, Chelsea has expected him to be an unshakable wall between Chelsea’s two posts. Instead, goals have been frying in every now and then.

The most recent games against arsenal that resulted in a 2-2 draw, a soft goal from Hecker Bellerin sneaked past him. Before that, a game against Newcastle a similar soft goal also sneaked past him in the last minute to see Chelsea lose 3 crucial points for the top for battle.

Other mistakes have included bad passes when playing out from the back. As a result Lampard has prompted the team to play out from the back.

Lampard’s Plans for a Goalkeeper

A few weeks ago Lampard was sorting out a new goalkeeping coach for Kepa but with recent rumors, he is reported to be bringing in  Kepa’s replacement. The most recent report suggests Chelsea might be looking into England and Burnley’s keeper, a goalkeeper who has had a spectacular couple of seasons in the league

It’s unlikely that Chelsea is unable to offload Kepa to anything close to what they bought him. This begs the question, do they spend more to bring in a new goalkeeper and still lose more keeping Kepa or hope he improves and becomes the keeper the deemed to be worth?

Until then, average Chelsea goalkeeper means Lampard has a problem where he shouldn’t

Trouble for Mourinho: Kane out

Mourinho has not had such a smooth run since the return to the premier league. Since joining the premier league, he has played 12 games in total; 9 premier league, 2 champions league, 1 in the FA cup.

Out of the 12 games that Jose has played spurs, he managed to win half of these games, drew twice and lost four.

It is more bad news for Mourinho. Harry Kane, his best striker, was reported to missout for about 3 months due to hamstring injury. In a statement released by the club officials read:

“Following ongoing assessment by our medical staff over the past week, we can confirm that Harry Kane will undergo surgery to repair a ruptured tendon in his left hamstring,”

The 26year old has managed to score 27 goals for both spurs and his national team England this season.

The statement further explained:

“Following ongoing assessment by our medical staff over the past week, we can confirm that Harry Kane will undergo surgery to repair a ruptured tendon in his left hamstring,”

Kane was injured in the new years day game they lost 1-0 to Southampton.

Currently, Tottenham is sixth in the league, six points behind the fourth position Chelsea. these could mean a season without a place for champions league next season.

Jose will now have to rely on Son Heung-min to get goals who has proved to be more than capable.

Transfer and Signings Completed So Far And Rumors

Since the transfer window opened the 1st of January, teams have been very busy bringing in and out players. There is so much anticipation for the underperforming teams such as Arsenal, Man U, and Spurs on who there are going to bring in this January. There Has been so much rumor and speculation link very skilled players to different teams. Since the window was open Sheffield Wednesday; a championship team was the first to transfer Jordan Thorniley to Blackpool FC.

January 1st

On the first day of the year, wolves were the only team in the premier league to transfer Elliot Watt; reserve goalkeeper, to Carlisle on loan. Even so, Tranmere FC was lucky to sign Peter Clarke for free form Fleetwood. Jordans’ transfer completes the list at an undisclosed amount.

January 2nd

On the second day of the month, more action happened. Burnley loaned out Ryan Cooney and Adam Phillips to Morecambe and Christian N’Guessan to Oldham. Manchester City also loaned the barely see Patrick Roberts to Middlesbrough on loans.

Furthermore, Charton got Andre Green from Aston Villa on loan. Toumani Diagouraga’s move to Morecambe from Swindon was free and Steve Seddon from Birmingham to Portsmouth was on loan. Lawrence Vigouroux to Leyton Orient was the free bonus on this day for Orient.

January 3rd

Liverpool, Manchester City and, Everton were the only teams to show some action on this day. They managed to close deals and transfer Herbie Kane, Lukas Nmecha and, Kieran Dowell; all on Loan, to Middlesbrough, Wigan FC and, Hull city respectively.

Transfer Rumor

Even with the rest of the month to go, there has been some rumors linking players to different clubs. Players like Madison and Chilwell are suggested not to be definite about their stay in Leicester linking them to Man U and Chelsea. Moreover, Players linked to Arsenal include: Jerome Boateng from Bayern, Ndidi from Leicester, Dries Martens from Napoli among others.

Whether or not this rumor and speculation are true, only time and patience can settle it. The teams have until the end of the month until the window closes.

Are Maddison And Chilwell Headed Out Of Leceister?

Leceister football team has shown its’ mighty since the arrival of Brendan Rodgers. Currently, it sits second in the Premier League table and well on track on getting a spot at Champions League football. It is once again surprising the world with stunning performances week after week as it did back in 2016 when it won the Premier League title. And, again it is now eating all odds to be one of the best teams in England ahead of favorites like Tottenham, Arsenal and Man United.

But the team could now be in trouble with the transfer window. A number of Leceister players have made headlines with their skills and grit, and the big boys have noticed. Specifically, James Madison and Ben Chilwell.

These players; attacking midfielder and left-back respectively have been scouted by two of the biggest boys in English Football. Man United is reportedly interested in Madison while Chelsea is looking to sign Chilwell.

Are They Good Signings?

The two players have proved beyond doubt what they bring to any team. Maddison, for example, is one of the top chances creators in Europe. Chilwell’s defensive ability and skills when going forward makes him easily the best left-back in Englan right now. The question is, how much do the red devils and blues need these players.


There is no doubt that the two teams really need these players. Starting with Man U, the team is having creative problems in the midfield. Although the team brought in one of the most expensive players in football, his commitment to the team remains questionable.

Paul Pogba is better than Madison, hand down, only when fully committed. Manchester United has to make him commit or let him go. If he leaves, Maddison could be the best player to bring in. It could also not be the worst thing to bring him even if Pogba does not leave, they could do with another skilled player in their Midfield with Matic, Fred, and McTomny proving inadequate in many top games.

For Chelsea, they have two left-backs in Marcos Alonso and Emerson. But they need Chilwell more than ever. Alonso is reportedly on his way out, linked with a move to Atletico Madrid. Emerson who was set to take this position has proven inadequate and has gone to fall out of favor with Lampard. In a recent game with Arsenal, Emerson was substituted in the 30th minute after making horrific mistakes on the pitch. Chilwell is much better and with Lampard’s vision to dominate every game, Chilwell suits the position and a place in the blues.

Predictably, when Rodgers is asked if he is ready to let go of either of the players, his answer is no. And Leceister is really striving to be a big boy in English football. But we know this is business, Leceister is unlikely to reject big bucks for these players. If the right offer comes, these players will head out.

Has Arsenal Improved or Manchester United have Worsted?

It’s a question that has crossed so many minds with everyone coming to their own conclusion. The two teams have recently been having one of all times bad seasons since their most respected and successful managers’ era came to an end. Back were the days when a Manchester United vs Arsenal game was a must-watch, eager to see who would win.

Sir Alex Ferguson

With Manchester United’s legend Alex Ferguson gone, the team has had a rough time. They have been bringing in new managers every few seasons never even came close to archiving what Ferguson ever did. Even after bringing in big-names like Jose Mourinho, and investing so much on getting world-class player, nothing seemed to glow in that darkness. The fans already want the current manager Ole Gunnar Salskjaer out who has not even had a full season yet.

In over two and a half decades, Sir Ferguson has been man u’s manager, has won more tittle for Manchester and in the premier league than any other manager. This is something that makes many of the Man U fans and non-fans recognize him as the best manager of all time.

Arsene Wenger

On the other hand, Arsene Wenger, who managed the Arsenal football club for over 2 decades did not leave arsenal at a good place. After resigning as arsenal’s man in charge, his successors seemed to take arsenal somewhere for some time. This was until things started going downstream from that point. Before losing his job Emery Unai managed to bring Arsenal closer to relegation point than the top position.

Wenger is known for admirable beautiful football and winning a title for the Arsenal that no other manager achieved. In the 2003-2004 season that arsenal went unbeaten for the whole season in the league. Just like Ferguson he has won more titles for arsenal than any other manager. Some Arsenal fans claim he is better than Ferguson with so many technicalities being involved.

After Wenger’s successor was sucked, former gunner player; Mikel Arteta, assumed the title and has played Arsenal to tasted a loss a draw and a win in all 3 matches he has been in charge.


The New Year’s Day match that ended 2-0 in the favor of arsenal was the first match for both teams in 2020. There has not been a conclusive verdict for Arteta since he recently became I charge. Contrary to Arteta’s case, ole has been in charge of the red devils for over a year. First as the caretaker to then becoming officially the manager. Since then he has been having a very bumpy road and very confusing results.

Until the game with arsenal, Ole had not lost to any of the last seasons’ top-six team this season including Liverpool which remains unbeaten and at the top of the premier league table. He drew with arsenal 1-1 at home earlier this season at home, which definitely proves he is capable.

Where are Arteta and Ole headed

Arsenal seems stronger, more dangerous and more determined to win since Arteta took charge. This is something that makes arsenal fans have faith in him and support him. Individual players have shown what many would term as their full potential skills.

Ole, on the other hand, seems to be taking two steps forward and one step backward. But the bigger issue is, who would take over manchester united if ole steps down.

With Neymar Set For PSG Exit, if Premier League, Chelsea, Liverpool or Man City?

Over summer, there was much talk about Neymar leaving PSG. At the time, Neymar was reportedly looking to go back to Barcellona. As we know, this didn’t happen. Now we know that Neymar is not only interested in going to Barcelona but is equally interested in playing in the Premier League. And because of this, a number of clubs are tracking him. Chelsea, Liverpool, and Mancity are reportedly following up on Neymar’s development at PSG and are further interested in signing him on. So, who is likely to bring him on?

Let’s begin by establishing that it is nearly impossible for any of this club to bring Neymar on either January or over the summer. But since crazier things have happened will look at which club is most likely to snub him if he decides to come to the Premier League.

Currently, it is believed that PSG is willing to let go of Neymar next summer for £150m. Now guess who has almost that exact amount to spend in the upcoming transfer window? Yes, Chelsea! It was revealed that Frank Lampard has been given around £150m in the next transfer window following the ban lifting. And wait, he is looking for forward options. It also helps that the team has recently revitalized its players following Hazard’s exit. Lampard has brought in energetic young players who have proven that they can move the team forward.

Neymar could be the answer to Chelsea going forward. He would bring experience, Character, Leadership and most important the skill and creativity needed in a forward player. Chelsea is nearly definitely the first team that Neymar would join in the premier league.

Man City Are Second

Man City also makes a very compelling case. Although all their front men are doing great, any of them could step down to give Neymar their position. But why cough out more than £150m to fix something that is not broken. Though Man City can cough out the money, easily, they are unlikely to do it for a forward. Their main problem lies in the back. In the coming transfer windows, they will be more interested in fixing the backline problems.

Liverpool comes last with their prospects nearly zero. They lack the money and the need to bring in a forward. Already, their frontline is doing great. Mane, Firmino, and Salah have been a revelation to watch and there’s nothing to fix there. On top of all, the club is unlikely to pay £150m for a single player.

Man City’s Leroy Sane Is Back In Training But Wants Move To Bayern Munich January

Man City fans will be thrilled to hear that Leroy Sane is back in training. The German international has missed out for much of this season following a knocking early on in the season. But before fans can celebrate the return of the skipper there is fear that he is on his way out. During the summer, there was talk about him leaving for Bayern Munich and the same reports have surfaced yet again as the January transfer window approaches. This as Bayern Munich looks to revitalize its team with new players and a new coach.

Bayern Munich has been looking to strengthen its forward play and bring in a winger. When it failed to bring in either Sane or Hudson Odoi from Chelsea over the summer it was a great blow. More so because Odoi signed a new contract with Chelsea that will see him spend the next five years at Chelsea. Now Bayern has to double down on Sane and sign him on as soon as possible.

Bayern Munich interim boss Hansi Flick says this about a potential move for Sane;

“That is a player who is under contract with Manchester City and that is why it is not an issue for me at the moment,”

Prior to the injury, Sane already looked like he had lost favor with his coach Pep Guardiola. After helping Man City to a Premier League trophy, the young player had lost his place to Sterling, Mahrez and Bernado Silva. This could be part of why he wants to leave suspecting he will have little game time at Etihad.

Expect A Better Sane If He Moves To Bayern

Man City has plenty of options going forward and Sane could struggle getting minutes. This is despite the fact that the 23-year-old currently is one of the most promising European players. In fact, if Bayern proceeds with the transfer they are set to pay more than 50million Euros.

While Premier League fans and especially Man City fans will miss Sane, you can’t help but think that he will become better when he moves to Bayern and plays with the likes of Lewandoski. When and if he moves, we should expect a better more skilled, more creative and new Leroy Sane.